Our ROM @ Putrajaya

Finally, the long awaited day has arrived! Since Putrajaya only accepts 15 couples a day, we reckoned that we don't need to be there so early...we planned to reach there by 9am. H looked dashing in his new shirt, and I have a rose bouquet in hand.

Mum, sis, brother, 3rd aunt and 2 besties will join us today. "Waa..so many people?" remarked H. Such an important day in my life, I would luv to have important people around to witness this occasion.

Putrajaya is huge. One can easily get lose direction...just remember, to go to JPN, it is in Precint 2. So, just follow your way to Precint 2 and you will reach JPN safely!

Our queue number was 2022, and when it was our turn, our ICs together with witness ICs has to be surrendered...together with a RM30 fee. There are four couples ahead of us, each couple will take about 5 to 10 minutes time. So, we took this opportunity to take some shots around JPN while waiting for our turn.

Finally, our names was called. First it was the signing of papers, and then we proceed to take our vows. Luckily it was conducted in English...phew! I understand every single word! I somehow paused a while before saying "Yes, I do".....causing a moment of laughter and nervousness, especially to dearest H. My brother even joked that I was about to say.. "Yes, I think so!" Hehehe!

Anyway, it ended with an exchange of rings. The entire ceremony ended in less than 5 minutes, and we were left in the room to take pictures. This huge room was beautifully decorated, even have dummy cakes for photo shooting!

Finally, I am the official WIFE. Marital Status no longer the humble S, but the big M!!

Back to Work

I have never ever dread to go to work in my life! Things indeed have changed!! After weeks of holidays, I am now dragging my feet to office. I used to think that I cannot live without work, and that, I am somehow a career minded woman.

But after 2-3 weeks of leave...geez, I realised how much I love the extra time, no pressure and no deadlines. Most importantly, no customer calls!!

Here I am, sitting in the chair at the office...*ahem* I am not supposed to be blogging right? Anyway, can't help it but to pen down this current emotion I am experiencing. It is kinda weird for me. It is like I have lost interest TOTALLY in work and that, for the first time, I am looking forward to go home at 6pm! Strange, but true!

Can I be a fulltime housewife? Sweeping? Mopping? Household chores?


Can I?


Ok, I still prefer my laptop and office chair!! Hehe! FULL TIME HOUSEWIFE?? Aiyoo...how can! Not me lah! *Wake Up* :P


Second day to becoming Mrs Wong, I woke up a little early today to prepare breakfast! Nothing fancy, it's half boiled eggs and garlic bread!! Thanks to technology, we can now easily boil eggs to perfection by using this simple tool:

All you need is boil the water and wait for few minutes and ta da....perfecto! As for the delicious garlic bread, they now come in frozen packaging and we just put it into the oven toaster...and after few minutes, fragant and hot garlic buns are ready! Yummy!!!

Question is...will I do this everyday? Err...maybe everyday is too much...perhaps occasionally! Or, we can just head on to the nearest kopitiam! Hehe!


Naturally, "Honeymoon" became the next most asked question after the "When will you both tie the knot?". Almost everyone I met asked the same question. Well, I guess it is a casual & easy topic starter for friends and family. Even the florist, Elisa asked us when we met..

"Well, we had our honeymoon! We made 2 cups of honey and gazed at the moon whole night!"

Hahahaha! I enjoyed my leave so much that I dread to return to work on Monday, 5th Jan. Sigh! Although the wedding is over now, I am still overwhelmed whenever I looked at the photos and slide shows. It was just like yesterday! Next thing that I look forward to...will be my ROM next week! Two of my besties are taking leave to attend the ROM at Putrajaya! Geeez...I must've done something real good in life to deserve such nice besties in my life! :)

1st Jan 2009

In less than 24 hours, we will cross over to a new 2009 year! I am still on leave, office is closed on the last day of the year! Mum originally have plans for dinner to celebrate my birthday earlier, but changed plans as more and more people were invited! So, we decided to do lunch tomorrow!

So, we headed to Mid-Valley for shopping and brunch at "Din Tai Fung", an award winning restaurant and rated by New York Times as the Top 10 restaurants in the world. Well, I am not too much a fan of xiaolongbao...I would still prefer Dragon-I when it comes to food selections/choices!


After a long day-out, I was so tired and headed of
f to rest in the room. It is almost 12am, and hubby was already tired and was resting too. My hp was ringing continuously with wishes of the new year and birthdays! We switched off the lights and went off to bed. Then, suddenly..

Waaaa...my hubby sneaked out of the room and surprised me with this small sweet little brownie. Birthday candles was arranged in heart-shaped....waahhh...this is definitely the best birthday I ever had!!

So sweet!! And it comes with a card too :)

Thank you Bridesmaid!!

My definition of BRIDESMAID: Pretty & Sweet little Angels that are on your side whenever, wherever you need them during your wedding day!! How can we brides live without them??!!!

My wedding is such a success..all thanks to the bridesmaid that helped ensure all is in order..before, during and after the wedding. Haa...such nice people! Luv them all!!

Here's a little gift for them:-

Err..for those that already taken the jee mui photo, I have added an extra one for you as each will have a different thank you message :) So, do keep it laaa...don't throw away yaa!!!

Our Wedding Dinner!!

At last! The day is here! The final moments...all the preparations, anxiousness to this big day is finally coming to an end! Thank god everything worked out perfectly as how I wanted it to be :)

Endless compliments from guests on the food and deco, really made me a Happy Bride of the day! Not to mention the sight of familiar faces, and friendly smiles.

Photographer Lawrence Ng did a fantastic job compiling the Tea Ceromony DVD capturing all the essential moments! MUA Cathy made me a cool hairdo which goes well with my favourite WG from GTC!! The Wishing Tree was filles with wishing cards...and the Wedding Cake from Choffles melted my heart...when I saw the sugar-crafting of my beloved doggies, Betsy!!

We marched in around 2040, with Flower Girls leading the way...and *supposedly* sprinkling rose petals from their little basket. Our march-in song, "Everything" by Michael Bubble was played, followed by the first dish presentation, with the song "Sway" by Michael Bubble as well.

At the end of the dinner, we gathered to take a photo of all family members! More than 30 of us, and thanks to Lawrence, for accomodating many last and ad-hoc requests! Really, a good photographer that I would recommend to all brides-to-be!

27th Morning

I could hardly open my eyes! It was 0615 and MUA Cathy will be at my house at 0630. Zzzzz....a small nap easily took 15 minutes and MUA has arrived! Gosh! I sprang out of bed and quickly brushes my teeth and took a shower while MUA prepares her tools.

OOoops, I have forgotten to VEET myself and asked Cathy if she could spare me another 5-10 minutes in the shower!

Around 7am, the makup started! Although it was a bit heavy for morning session, I told MUA not to worry...am sure it will be ok :) In my mind... "Hmm...where is Lawrence? Could he be lost finding my house?" ( I am "supposed" to email him the map to my house...*ahem*...supposed to laa) When dearest Betsy was barking, I knew it was Lawrence! Yay! He is here!!

Lawrence was clicking away! My gown, shoes, etc, etc. Betsy somehow doesn't like him..hehe! From the way he take pictures, I knew I found the RIGHT guy to be my photographer for the day! :)

0845..I called my bf to enquire his location...apprently, he and 4 of his "Heng Tais" are having wan tan mee breakfast! After a quick conversation, I told him NOT to come down from the car until my nephew opened the door for him! Hehe...afraid that he will just open the door himself!

As I was hiding in the room, I missed out the games that they played outside. Entrusting my jee muis not to bully my boyfriend, I could only wish I have a pair of telescope that enables me to view the happenings outside! When he and his entourage finally passed through the barricade...he has one last task outside my room door. He was to recite a romantic poem for me..of course, it was written for him! When he read the first few lines, I shouted that "It was so UNLIKE him..." Hehe. He then, ditched the pre-prepared poem, and recited a few lines of his own...which, of course, sends shivers to my spine!!

The door was finally opened! He came in with a bouquet in his hand and lift up my veil. A kiss on the cheek, and then, on the lips...and slowly, we walked out of the room! My brother on my left, hubby on the right...they both escorted me to the car! We are supposed to go for a "ride"..a short one, to symbolise me returning to the groom's house and back!

Finally, the tea ceremony for my dearest mum and all relatives...

Nightmare on Jalan Belibis

Indeed it is. There is no ELM Street in Malaysia, but hey, nightmares do happen at Jalan Belibis.

It has been two (2) consecutive nights. With only a few more days to go, I am having sleepless nights. I even dreamt about the wedding day.

It was raining non-stop and the whole place was flooded. The water was rising so quickly, and everyone was running for shelter. My wedding gown was wet, and I was running with my sis, my mum, etc to search for shelter! Water, water, everywhere!! My hair was wet, my makeup all ruined...I shouted to the people.."Can we postpone this wedding? Maybe do it another time?" Everyone was shocked, and I hear a voice.."Err...if you postpone, NONE of us will be able to make it as we have no more annual leaves" Geeez! ANNUAL LEAVE?

And hey, I woke up!

Tick tock tick tock. It was 8am already. Wow, time flies. My bf and his entourage will arrive any moment now! WHERE THE HECK is my MUA? Where is Lawrence, my photographer? Yikes! I hear the horns! Beeet beeet...booop booop...(something like that laa) And gosh! I am NOT ready yet! HELLPPPPPPPP!

Aiks, woke up again!

Wahliaoo...some people say, it is cause I am too "stress" over the wedding. Some said, "Wei, maybe you still not ready ga". I guess it is just a normal thing...too excited, I guess.

Anyhow, can't wait for the day to come :)